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Silent Salesman/Saleswoman Event

To celebrate the Holiday weekend, we are excited to announce our Silent Salesman/Saleswoman Event, Sat May 26th through Tues May 29th.  All vehicles will be aggressively priced below market.  We will be closed on Monday but vehicles will be tagged and unfortunately (depending on perspective) no Salesman or Saleswoman will be present. 

Shop online, poolside or while barbecuing, select a vehicle, price your trade, request credit, and schedule a delivery.  Buy it your way this Holiday weekend and take delivery next week.

Thank you for considering Fox,
Steve Winters
General Manager
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April Ends on Monday the 31st

It happens quite often that when the actual month ending date falls on a weekend or a holiday, the month actual closes on the next business day.  That is the case with April of this year as the 30th falls on Sunday thus making the auto manufacturers and dealerships close their month on Monday May 1st or as it is jokingly said in the business April 31st.  The bottom line, Monday May 1st is what is considered an extra day, extra opportunity for all to reach sale's goals and extra savings for the person shopping for a new or…
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Spring Inventory Cleaning

April begins the time for Fox Ford to clean up and clear out inventory.  It is a time to deeply discount all remaining 2016 vehicles and demonstrators.  The best values are the Ford Focus and Fiesta with the biggest percentage off of MSRP ever. Take a look at the discounts and schedule an appointment to test drive.  As always, Thank you for considering Fox.
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