Keep Safety Your Priority With an Alignment Service

As a driver, you want to keep your car as safe as possible while maneuvering through the streets of Grand Rapids, MI. However, you also want comfort and the best handling capability as well. A good way to ensure that your car maintains its handling capability is to maintain a wheel alignment that is within manufacturer specifications.

A wheel alignment not only helps with the handling of your car, but it also helps reduce vibration in the steering wheel. If you’ve ever felt a vibration in the steering wheel while driving on the highway, then you know how discomforting and scary it can be.

While it’s possible that tire balancing can also contribute to this vibration, there is only one way to determine for sure. An alignment specialist can diagnose the issue and determine the root cause. Since tires and a wheel alignment work together, it’s important to know for sure. Contact the Fox Ford service department at our Grand Rapids location for an appointment!

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