How to be Prepared on Your Holiday Road Trip

Taking the time today to plan your holiday road trip will allow you to focus on fun times with the family instead of dealing with a stranded vehicle on the side of some deserted road. Consider these holiday travel tips from our staff at Fox Ford:

  • If possible, pack the car early and get everyone ready to go closer to midnight.
  • Start planning your route today and look to avoid any roads that travel near major airports. These are going to be especially packed with traffic this holiday and most drivers don't know about side roads with less traffic.
  • Plan today for an accident or breakdown by packing a small box with a few essentials. Inside the box should be road flares, tools, duct tape, and flashlights. Since you will be driving at night, the more you can make your car visible the better.

At our Grand Rapids, MI dealership, we have a number of bays and technicians on hand to give your vehicle a complete check-up before you leave for the holidays. Stop in and get started today!

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